4-H and Youth Development


4-H Enrollment


  Civil Rights Form for Leaders 2018-2019

4-H Member Forms

    Medical Release Form

     Permission to Travel

     State Code of Conduct

     Dog Project Guidelines


Market Livestock Project

     Small Livestock Scale Use Contract Check Out Form

     Sheep Sheer Use Contract & Check Out Form



Misc. Documents

    Fundraiser Form

     Using the 4-H Name and Emblem



Pasture Management

     Pasture Management Tips

     Overgrazing Article

Spiders, Insects and Plant Disease

    Grasshopper Forecast Module

     Grasshopper Insecticide Module

     Grasshopper Management Module

     Grasshopper Scouting Module

     Bark Beetle

     Douglas Fir Tussock Moth

     How to Identify a Hobo Spider

     Idaho Hobo Spider Bulletin

     Managing Mountain Pine Beetle

     Montana Bee Identification Guide

     MSU IPM Biological Controls

     Needle Cast Diseases of Conifers

     Powdery Mildew Colorado State Extension

     Raspberry Cane Borer New Hampshire

     Spider Identification and Management MSU Montguide

     The use of BT for Spruce Bud Worm

     Western Spruce Bud Worms



     Curly Leaf Pond Weed

     Eurasian Watermilfoil

     Flowering Rush

     Hoary Alyssum


     Reveqitation of Cheat Grass Invested Range Land

     Scotch Broom

     The Knotweed Complex

     Western Salsify

     White Bryony


     Yellow Starthistle

     Yellowflag Iris

     Montana Knapweeds

     Oxeye Daisy

Yard and Garden

     Composting Article

     Frost Free Days Chart-MSU Creston Research Station

     Ground Squirrels

     Home Garden Soil Testing MontGuide

     Proper Watering

     Spray Schedule for Apple Trees-WSU

     Spray Schedule for Cherry Trees-WSU

     Spray Schedule for Peach and Apricot Trees-WSU

     Spray Schedule for Pear Trees-WSU

     Spray Schedule for Plum and Prune Trees