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2019 September Newsletter

2019 October Newsletter


National 4-H Week October 6-12, 2019

#InspireKidstoDo4H Week Photo

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From the Extension Office


The new 4-H year starts today, October 1st.  Time to begin a new year.  So, here I go again…purposefully planning a positively perfect 4-H year, so I can have a successful, productive year.

Purposefully planning a positively perfect 4-H year?  

Perfect?  Perfection?  That is unrealistic.  Nothing is perfect.  The perfection of something can be found in its imperfections, I have heard.   Okay, I concede that.  I will strive for excellence, not perfection.  Work to the best of my ability when I do something.  And my best is probably not someone else’s best.  And you know what?  That is okay.  We are not all alike!  And we do the best we can!

Planning.  Oh yes, I must plan.  Without planning nothing will get accomplished, or I will keep doing the same thing over and over again.  But what about planning things that I can’t finish?  Or what if another option for something better or more educational arises?  Spontaneity.  We need that.  Or what if someone else thinks something they are planning is more important than what I was planning?  Guess I need to work in some flexibility in my planning.  I need that.  But I need to set some goals as part of my planning.  Without goals, nothing will change.  Goals cannot be accomplished if I don’t plan the steps necessary to reach the goal I set.  But maybe I can’t accomplish the goal I set?  That’s okay.  I have made progress.  I need to re-evaluate the goal and see what I can change to reach the goal.  Or do I even need that goal?  Maybe I need a different goal?  Sounds like I have some planning to do…  Maybe I shouldn’t engrave my plans in stone.

Positively?  Positivity?  Now that is something I can work on.  No matter what happens, my attitude is up to me.  I can be positive even if something negative happens to me.  Sometimes this can be very difficult.  But I can always look for the positive in everything that happens.  I didn’t get a blue ribbon.  So, what did I learn?  What can I change or do more positively next time?

Purposefully.  That is a big word.  The existence of a purpose.  Focused.  Determined.  Resolute.  This I can do!  I can do things with purpose.  My purpose?  To create a positive environment for youth to learn positively how to live in a constantly, rapidly changing world.   

Ah…maybe I should think some more about what I said.  I cannot make perfection, nor do I want to.  I do want positivity and to create positive experiences for the youth of Flathead County 4-H.  That will take some planning.  Not my strongest suit, not always possible to do, but planning needs to be completed to be able to finish the projects I begin this year.  So okay, planning.  And purposefully.  Yes, I believe if I am mindful and purposeful in what I do, I will be successful more often.  So yes, purposefully.

Perhaps, I should rephrase what I am doing right now in preparation for a new 4-H year. 

“I am purposefully planning a positive 4-H year.” 

“Purposefully planning to have a positive year.” 

Hurray!  It is a new 4-H year!  Let’s make it absolutely amazing by purposefully planning to have a positive year!

Nori Pearce 4-H Agent 

MSU Extension Flathead County

4-H Fair Award Correction!!

Reserve Champion All Around Riding

Goes to Cortnee Anello

Lost and FoundLost and Found Photo

This item was found at the Fair Awards Banquet. If this item belongs to you, it is waiting for you at the Extension Office.

Applications Due November 15 for International Exchange

 Romania - New in 2020! (24 Jun- 24 Jul 2020). Ages 15-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximately $3,700. Note: On request from National 4-H Council, Ben Frentsos, Flathead County Extension Agent, is working in Romania for the next three years. We visited him in June 2019 and he is very excited to start this exchange. It is limited to six youth and one chaperone.

 Costa Rica (18 Jun-17 Jul 2020). Ages 15-18. $1,000 deposit due with application. Approximate cost $3000. 

 Japan 4-week (8 Jul-6 Aug 2020) Ages 14-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximate cost $5,300.

 Japan Nihongo Japan 8-week (10 Jun-6 Aug 2020). Ages 14-18. $2,000 deposit due with application. Approximately $6400.

 New Zealand (1-21 Jul 2020). Ages 15-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximately $4,000. Note: Limited to six youth and one chaperone.

 Norway (24 Jun-24 Jul). Ages 15-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximately $4,200.

 South Korea (15 Jul-13 Aug 2020). Ages 14-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximately $4,700.

 Taiwan (28 Jun-28 Jul 2020). Ages 15-18. $1,500 deposit due with application. Approximately $4,500.

 International Program for Young Adults (IPYA). Ages 18-26. A $500 deposit is due with your application on November 15.

 Outbound Chaperones (see country details for dates/costs). Ages 25+. Chaperones pay a percentage of the program fee (30-40%).

Project Interviews

It’s that time of year again to fill out and submit your Project Interview Applications! Projects to list on your application are projects that were completed and received a “Gold Star”. Applications are due November 4, 2019 in the Extension Office. Interviews will be held November 14th from 4-7pm at the Country Kitchen on the Fairgrounds.

The Flathead 4-H Foundation’s Annual Meeting

4-H Foundation Logois Tuesday October 22, 2019 at 6pm located in the Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of the Earl Bennett Building. Come find out what the 4-H Foundation has accomplished for 4-H this year!!!

4-H Shotgun Begins

Thursday evenings September 5th to November 7th, Flathead Valley Clay Target Club, 1290 Prairie View4-H National Shooting Sports Logo Road.  Call Angela Crenshaw at 406-253-3939  or Flathead4hshotgun@gmail.com to reserve your spot to shoot.  Spaces fill quickly!

Brick Challenge!!!

Country Cousins Brick Challenge: Country Cousins 4-H Club nominated a volunteer to be honored with  a brick on the Fairgrounds. The club purchased the brick and is challenging all clubs in the Flathead County to purchase a brick to Dollar Signhonor a volunteer of their club’s choice. If all of the clubs do this, they will all help the Foundation raise $2,000. B&F Livestock and Half Moon Highlanders have joined Country Cousins in this challenge! Won’t you join the challenge also and buy a brick today! Proceeds benefit the 4-H Foundation!

4-H Trail & Packing Project

The 4-H Trail and Packing began in January 2020 so get signed up as soon as possible. If you want to learn how to get your horse ready for trail riding this is the program for you. The packing group has re-designed the entire program to give you the tools to train your horse for trail riding. You will also learn packing in the back country with the skills to camp or hunt in the back country to feel safe and comfortable. Come to the introduction in January and find out about Horse Packing Picturethe exciting horse packing program. For more information call Rick Mathies at 752-2209 or Alden Totten at 257-5520.

Cloverbud Activity Days!!!

Saturday October 19th, located at the 4-H Building on the Fairgrounds at 10 am to 11:30 am.Cloverbud Logo

For questions or more information, please call Jayme Evenson at 291-5864.

Flathead 4-H Rabbit, Poultry, & Pocket Pal Project Meetings

October 28th at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Ethics

November 25th at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Facilities

January 27th at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Nutrition

February 24th at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Health

March 23rd at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Care and Handling

May 25th at 6pm—Livestock Quality Assurance & Labels/Withdrawals

All meetings are held in the 4-H Building on the Fairgrounds unless otherwise specified.

If you have any questions contact KelleySue at 862-5000 or kelleysuebain@gmail.com for Rabbit and Pocket Pals or Maleah McQuade at glaciervew4h@gmail.com for poultry.

Begin Your Planning Year!!!

District 1: (B&F Livestock, Trail Blazers, Montford Egan Eagles, Rowdy Ropers, & LLAMA)

Fair Awards Committee

District 2: (Golden Spurs, Dandy Dudes & Dolls, Country Cousins, Glacier Stars, & Glacier View)

Host Buyers Breakfast

District 3: (Half Moon Highlanders, Swan River BB, Hilltop Riders, Rocky Mtn BR, Flathead Farmers)

Help Buyers Breakfast

District 4: (Grandview Supreme, LaSalle Boosters, Lakeview Livestock, Open Horizons, A Bit of Difference, Smith Valley Boosters) County Congress Committee

Market Beef Project

October 29th at 6pm Beef LQA located at the Country Kitchen on the Fairgounds— required for first year project members and members turning 4-H Age 14.Steer Parts Picture

December 7th from 9-11am Beef Weigh-in and Tagging at the Fairgounds.

Market Livestock Dates

Beef LQA—October 29, 2019

Beef Weigh-in and Tagging—December 7, 2019

Beef Replacement Cut-off—January 31, 2020

Hog Leader Training—February 19, 2020

Hog LQA—March 5, 2020

Beef 2nd Weigh-in—April 4, 2020

Hog Weigh-in and Tagging—April 29, 2020

Hog Replacement Cut-off—May 31, 2020

Hog Live Clinic #1—June 13, 2020

There will be no more multiple make-up LQA. If you miss them you may make them up in another county.


Browse the new Montana 4-H merchandise at the MSU Extension Store and paint our state green with 4-H T-shirts, mugs, buttons, and stickers! Start shopping at the 4-H Mall!

See our Google Calendar for Extension scheduled events!

Forums, Committees & CouncilsPut on your calendar picture

  • Ag/Livestock Committee: Thursday, December 5 at 5:30pm in the 4-H Building at the fairgrounds


  • Flathead 4-H Foundation: Tuesday,  Oct. 22 at 6 pm in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of EBB
  • Flathead 4-H Council: Thursday, Oct. 24th at 5:45pm in the 4-H Building on the Fairgrounds


  • Horse Committee: Thursday, Jan. 2nd at 6pm at the 4-H Building

Upcoming Activities & Other Meetings4H Event Calendar Picture

🍀 Oct. 1, 4-H Enrollment Begins

🍀 Oct. 3, Awards Committee Planning Meeting, 6pm Extension Office Dist. 4 & 1

🍀 Oct. 6-12, 4-H Week

🍀 Oct. 14, Closed for Columbus Day

🍀 Oct. 18, Ambassador Fall Training

🍀 Oct. 21, Ambassador Meeting

🍀 Oct. 28, Small Animal Project Meeting

🍀 Oct. 29, Beef LQA

🍀 Oct. 31, Club Year-end Financial Summaries Due


Administrative Support goes to lunch every day from 1-2pm, so many times the Extension office doors are locked Out to Lunch Signduring that time. She also has occasional meetings for the county. If you need special accommodations or a guaranteed meeting with someone, please feel free to call ahead and make an appointment.


Dear Flathead 4-H members, leaders & families:

The Flathead County MSU Extension Office will be closedOctober 14th for the Columbus Day Holiday.  Because we areClosed Sign short staffed we may be periodically closed for meetings or to run errands. If you need personal attention please call for an appointment. Please leave paperwork in basket or leave in mailbox on front of building for confidential information.

Thank you,

Patricia McGlynn

Montana State University

Agriculture Extension Agent


Phone: 406-758-5554

Nori Pearce

Montana State University

4-H Extension Agent


Phone: 406-758-5552      

Dee Cooper

Administrative Assistant

MSU Extension, Flathead County


(406) 758-5553 phone

SNAP Recipe of the Month

Apple Smiles

This month’s Harvest of the Month is apples! There are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the US, however only a handful of varieties are commonly found in grocery stores today. How many varieties have you tried? Use any variety with this fun kid-friendly snack recipe!

Cost/Serving: $1.27

Yield:[2 servings] / Serving size = ½ appleApple Smiles Picture


1 apple

2 Tablespoons peanut butter

¼ cup raisins or small marshmallows


  1. Slice apple into wedges. 
  2. Spread one side of two wedges with peanut butter. 
  3. Top peanut butter on one wedge with raisins or small marshmallows for teeth. 
  4. Place other apple slice on top. Repeat with remaining wedges.

Recipe and photo courtesy of https://buyeatlivebetter.org/recipes.html?r=30

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education enables young families, single recipients and seniors to learn how to best use their food stamp dollars in providing healthy nutrition for  themselves and their families. Adults can sign up for a 6 week course that is fun and provide the basic concepts of good nutrition. The only requirements to join in the classes are: that a person is receiving WIC assistance;  either receiving food stamps or are eligible to receive them; or are getting commodity foods. Please call Caitlin at the Flathead County Extension office at 758-2448 to sign-up for classes.

MSU Extension Service—Flathead County

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Nori Pearce

4-H & Youth Development Agent

Dee Cooper

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Caitlin Coghlan

SNAP Educator


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