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  1. Horse Project Requirments
  2. 4-H Trail & Packing 2022 Rules and Policies
  3. Horse Card
  4. Horse Helmet Release Form
  5. Every Time Every Ride Video
  6. Majestic Valley Arena Location
  7. Montana Bit Rules
  8. Horse Camp Member Registration (when available)
  9. Horse Camp Chaperone Forms to Download
  10. Horse Camp Schedule Overview (when available)

Members of 4-H may participate in many levels of the horse project. When 4-H members first enroll they must start at level 1 and must be assessed by a certified horse leader and bring a copy of the level assessment to the Extension office to move up in levels. Members must be at least 4-H age 8 to participate in the horse project. Other requirements are explained in the link below. Also check calendar above for dates.

4-H Horse Clinics

4-H Packing Clinics:

Other Horse Clinics:

Jan. 9th-Into to Packing,

1pm Family Life Christian Church

Feb. 16th, LaSalle Vet Clinic

Jan. 23rd-Clinic I, 10am

Country Kitchen

March 25th, 6-8 Bad Rock Arena

English Clinic

Feb. 13th-Clinic II, 10am

Country Kitchen

April 29-May 1st Horse Camp

March 27th-Clinic III, 10am

Bad Rock Arena

May 15th, 11am-3pm RMR

April 17th, Clinic IV, 10am

Bad Rock Arena


Horse Camp Member Registration 

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