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Flathead County January 2021 NewsletterMSU Logo


Printable version of January 2021 Newsletter (PDF)

Upcoming Extension Meetings and Special Events

Forums, Committees & Councils

  • Flathead 4-H Council: Thursday, Jan. 28th 6 pm 4-H Building

  • Ag/Livestock Committee: Thursday, Mar. 4th at 5:45 pm 4-H Building

  • Horse Committee: Thursday, Jan. 21st at 6 pm at the Fairgrounds

  • Flathead 4-H Foundation: Tuesday, Feb. 23rd 5:30 pm TBA

  • Darrell Fenner 4-H Camp Committee: TBA

Upcoming Activities & Other Meetings

🍀 Dec. 31-Jan. 1, Extension Office Closed

🍀 Jan. 9, Foods Fair postponed until Spring

🍀 Jan. 9, Horse Packing Introduction, noon

🍀 Jan. 13, Office Admin. Out of Office 12:30-3:30pm for monthly meeting

🍀 Jan. 14, Beef Clinic, 6pm

🍀 Jan. 18, Extension Office Closed

🍀 Jan. 18, Legislative Breakfast Zoom Meeting, 7pm

🍀 Jan. 19, Citizenship Seminar (virtual) 6pm

🍀 Jan. 19, Legislative Breakfast (virtual), 6:15 am

🍀 Jan. 23, Pack Clinic 1, noon

🍀 Jan. 26, Citizenship Seminar (virtual) 6pm

🍀 Jan. 30, AG Ambassador’s Competition

🍀 Jan. 31, Beef Replacement Cut-off

🍀 Feb. 1, Swine & Sheep Enrollment Deadline

🍀 Feb. 1, Begin filing 4-H Club’s e990

🍀 Feb. 2, Citizenship Seminar (virtual) 6pm

🍀 Feb. 9, Citizenship Seminar (virtual) 6pm


Watch your emails for dates and upcoming programs on ZOOM!


Check ZSuites for upcoming info.


The Office Administrator goes to lunch every day from 1-2pm, many times the Extension office door is locked during that time. She also has occasional meetings and errand for the county. If you need special accommodations or a guaranteed meeting with someone, please feel free to call ahead and make an appointment.


See our Google Calendar for Extension scheduled events!


Dear 4-H families,

I am developing my programming for the 2021 winter season. I will be holding online classes on soil fertility, level two master gardener, Land Stewardship and a Beginner Gardening Short course. I am wondering if there are any horticulture topics that you would like to see addressed, that I am not currently covering? Please feel free to contact me anytime at pmcglynn@montana.edu

Thank you,

Pat McGlynn

Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.

Montana State University

Agriculture Extension Agent

Phone: 406-758-5554

Fax: 406-758-5881

Club Treasury

Reports were Due to the Extension Office Oct. 31st ~ did your club get theirs submitted?

If your group has a 4-H checking or savings account, you MUST complete a club Year-end Financial Summary Report for the IRS.

All Year-end Financial Summary reports must be filled out completely and accurately to be in compliance with MSU Internal Audit and IRS regulations. Please verify the EIN #, and make sure required signatures (directions on form) are complete. The balance of your report must match the bank statement. Reports that are not complete will be returned to you. If you have questions about something on the report, please call or e-mail and ask us.

This is a very important document and must include the detail summary of income and expenses along with your September 2020 bank statement, all that must be completed, signed by your treasurer and two other individuals by two different families, then turned-in to the Extension office by October 29th.

The Extension office needs to file the e990 by February 1st and we can’t file the e990 without the Year-end Financial Summary reports. If the e990 is not filed for any particular club, that club will lose their 501 (c)(3) status (non-profit status). Please, let’s get these reports in.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Glacier View is a group of kids who have a lot of fun serving and learning together. Our adult leaders help us to shine and encourage us to grow in new ways. One thing we all love doing together is working on our soap business. After our club meetings we often make a new scent of soap. Each of the members have a specific area in the business they work on throughout the month. A local store, Hanson’s Hardware, has allowed our club to sell our products there. We have also been working on raising money to build a safe crosswalk in Coram. Many of our teenagers participate in the Leadership Academy. We have strong teenage leaders in our group who are investing into the younger club members. There is not a shortage of animal projects we are working on this year. We have a group of youth who love their chickens and are making that their main project. Although, our lambs, steers, pigs, rabbits and horses are not left out when it comes to interest. We can’t leave out the Club Fun Days. This is a special time where we come together to create moments of fun and laughter. We are all looking forward to our next Fun Day, sledding and hot cocoa, we can’t wait. We hope together to use our head, heart, hands and health to make a difference in the Flathead Valley and beyond.

Ruthie Hornbrook

Glacier View 4-H Club Reporter

Attention 4-H Club Reporters!!


What is a 4-H Club Reporter? Do you know what a news reporter is for the newspaper or for the TV news? A 4-H Club Reporters is the same thing except they report what is going on in their 4-H Club. Do you have a story you would like to feature in the Extension newsletter? We are going to feature a different club each month so get your keyboards ready and keep your ears and eyes open for some fabulous news to share with the Extension community. Email your story to dacooper@flathead.mt.gov. We can’t wait to see what is going on in your 4-H Club!

4-H Project Achievement Certificates and

Project Interview Pins/Patches

These items are in the works. The Extension Office has to order them differently than we have in the past, so it is taking a bit longer to get it set up. When the Extension Office has the order in the Extension Office will notify the clubs by email to let them know they are ready and in the club’s mailboxes. Thank you for your patience.

The Western Montana Stockman's

Association Scholarship Heifer Program

is a herd building program to develop youth in the cattle industry.  These youth were selected through an application process designed to encourage members of 4-H and FFA to start and develop their own herd. 

Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

Patience Bain, Glacier View 4-H Club

Tracen McIntyre,  Grandview Supreme 4-H Club

Jayden McIntyre,  Grandview Supreme 4-H Club

Jayla Wise, Flathead Boondocker’s 4-H Club

Rachelle Becker,  Flathead Boondocker’s 4-H Club

Addy Giffin,  Half Moon Highlanders 4-H Club

2021 Foods Fair


2021 Foods Fair has been postponed until spring - Date TBD .

Here are the themes we would like each club to vote on for our 2021 Food Fair.

  1. Comfort Foods

  2. Grandma’s Cookbook

  3. Farm to Table

  4. Hunting Camp

Please contact Michelle Baker at mbaker@montana.edu or 406-253-7023 with your club’s choice by February 18th. Theme will be announced in the March 2021 newsletter. 

Michelle Baker – mbaker@montana.edu or 406-253-7023

 4-H Trail & Packing 2021

Note: Helmets are required for riding at all clinics.

Introduction to 4-H Trail and Packing: Saturday January 9, 2021 Set up at 12:00pm Location – Family Life Christian Church, 1075 Foys Lake Road, Kalispell

Clinic I: - Saturday January 23, 2021 Set up12:00pm – Get Key Location – Country Kitchen – Flathead County Fairgrounds.

Bring your 4-H Trail & Packing Book

1:00pm – 4:00pm – Level 1 thru Level 3, Level 4 and 5 may attend but not required

4:00pm – Assessments – Especially Vocal stuff

Clinic II: - Saturday – February 13, 2021 Set up 12:00pm Location – Country Kitchen – Flathead County Fairgrounds

10:00am to 4:00pm – Level 1 thru 3, Level 4 & 5 may attend and help train Level 1-3

Bring your 4-H Trail & Packing Book Bring your own lunch drinks will be provided

Clinic III: - Saturday – March 27, 2021 Set up 9:00am Location – Bad Rock Arena at 622 Kelly Road, Columbia Falls, MT Leave your stock at the trailer.

10:00am to 4:30pm – Level 1 thru Level 3, Level 4 & 5

Bring your 4-H Trail & Packing Book Bring your own lunch drinks will be provided.

Clinic IV: - Saturday April 17, 2021 Set up 9:00am Location – Bad Rock Arena at 622 Kelly Road, Columbia Falls, MT Leave your stock at the trailer.

Bring your 4-H Trail & Packing Book Bring your own lunch, drinks will be provided.

10:00am to 4:00pm All Levels

Campout – May 22 & 23, 2020 – Swisher Lake Trailhead – Eureka, MT

Level I – III – Trailhead camping

Level 4-5 – Packing in to Swisher Lake

Interested in learning to judge livestock?

Flathead 4-H Foundation has purchased a membership to livestockjudging.com for Flathead 4-H members. Learn from professionals with 524 classes of livestock, horse, dairy, poultry, rabbit, and meats. Contests and competitions are occasionally also available. Keep an eye out for an email which will include a login code.


Good afternoon all – Emily is sending out an early heads-up about the Ag Ambassador competition that will be happening on Saturday, January 30th, 2021.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID, this event may be held virtually or in person, depending on the status of other competitions that usually happen that weekend. We will keep you updated about any changes. This event is open to ANY junior high or high school student. However, younger competitors should be informed ahead of time that they might compete against seniors in high school – we do not have separate divisions planned right now. They do not need to be a 4-H member to participate.

As part of the event, students are asked to tell the story of agriculture through a variety of methods. Participants are given a broad topic to address, and the topic for 2021 will be announced by November 1st. We have made a few minor changes to the components, so please have your students review the contest requirements below:

NewspaperArticle – 500-800 words, will be sent to event organizers ahead of time

RadioSpot – 50-60 seconds long, pre-recorded and sent to event organizers ahead of time

SocialMedia Posts & Marketing Plan – 3 posts on any appropriate platform, including a picture or video (max. 30 sec.), and posts written using 40 words or less; sent to organizers ahead of time

Marketing Plan: submitted with posts and defines target audience by location, age, gender, interests, etc.

Interview – mock TV interview happening day of competition

Prepared Speech – 7-12 minutes, delivered on day of competition

Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 competitors. Students must participate in all 5 contest components to be eligible for awards.

We hope you will encourage your local youth to participate – last year, during our inaugural event, we had 6 excellent competitors, all from different counties, who thoroughly impressed the judges and gave us great hope for the future of agriculture in Montana.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Emily Standley


MSU Extension, Fergus/Petroleum Counties

County Ag Agent


712 West Main St

Lewistown, MT 59457




Enrollment Deadline

Market Sheep & Hog – February 1st

Meat Poultry/Rabbit – June 1st

Add and Drop all projects—June 1st

You must be enrolled and fees paid by 5pm this date. No exceptions!

Flathead 4-H Foundation would like to provide the Flathead 4-H program with personalized thank you cards.


Competition. Open to Youth and Adults. Designs Due February 23rd!

Winning designer’s will be awarded with 10 cards of their own and a gift certificate to Chick-Fil-A for $15. Top 5 designs will be selected!

Contest Rules • Use Vista Print Design system. (Save your design and send a screen shot to the Flathead 4-H Foundation) • Incorporate the Foundation logo, Place the Extension address as the return address.

Instructions on How to Enroll in the New 4-H Enrollment System ZSuite

Accessing the Family Account

​A re-enrolling family should follow the following steps to access their record and set up their Zsuite account on or after October 1. This can be done on a computer or mobile device.

Go to https://4h.zsuite.org/

  1. Click on Sign Up
  2. Fill in all of the fields to set up FAMILY account.
  3. Adult email should match the Family email loaded from 4Honline.
  4. Adult email and password will also be used for anyone in the family to login to ZSuite in the future.
  5. The Adult/Family email can be changed by the parent once the account is set up the first time.
  6. The pin is used by parents and is needed for enrollment of family members.
  7. Click Let's Go!
  8. Each family member previously enrolled in 4Honline should appear on the main screen in a colored box.
  9. there is also an option to add a new family member.
  10. Click on each family member to go to their dashboard and begin enrollment.

Need 4-H Project Manuals and you can’t get to the Extension Office? No worries, go to https://store.msuextension.org/  and search for the 4-H project manuals you need, select them, go to the check out, then use your credit card or debit card, then finish your purchase, and have them shipped right to your door. It’s that easy!

Just a gentle reminder…

If the Extension Office doesn’t have a club meeting or event on written record in the office the meeting or event will not be covered under the 4-H insurance. Please let the Extension office know the date, time, location, what the event is, or if it is a meeting before the 4-H event, meeting, or activity.  You can use the Event, Activity and Fundraising Form if you like so you don’t forget anything or you can send the Extension office an email. If your group is doing a fundraiser, of any type, you must submit a Fundraiser Form to the Extension office to be put in your club file.  We often get questions from community members about various fundraisers. 


Who has the copyrights on a photo or logo? Can we just use any photo or logo we want at any time? Just because the website may say free clipart doesn’t mean it’s free! Always check the copyright on photos and logos before you use them. The user, the county, and MSU are all at risk when photos are improperly cited.


Browse the new Montana 4-H merchandise at the MSU Extension Store and paint our state green with 4-H T-shirts, mugs, buttons, and stickers! Start shopping at the 4-H Mall!

Market Beef

January 14th– Clinic: Equipment, Documents, Calves– 6-8 pm Fairgrounds Country Kitchen

January 31st– Market Replacement Cut-off

April 2nd–  4-H/FFA Weigh-in: 3:45-6 pm Fairgrounds or Vo-AG Center (May attend either)

April 3rd– 4-H/FFA Alternate Weigh-in: 8-10 am Fairgrounds

May 13th– Clinic: Clippings & Showmanship Practice– 10 am –2 pm Fairgrounds Draft Horse Barn & Mild Fence Arena

July 29th- Mock Show: Practice– 6:30-8:30 pm Fairgrounds Trade Center Show Arena

Dear Flathead 4-H members, leaders & families:

The MSU Extension Flathead County Office will be closed December 31, and January 1st, & January 18th for the New Year Holiday and Martin Luther King Day. We may be periodically closed for meetings or to run errands. If you need to speak with us personally, please call for an appointment time. Please leave paperwork in basket or leave in mailbox on front of building for confidential information.  Our schedule is subject to change at anytime.

Thank you,

Patricia McGlynn

Montana State University

Agriculture Extension Agent


Phone: 406-758-5554


Montana State University

4-H Extension Agent

Phone: 406-758-5552

Dee Cooper

Office Administrator

MSU Extension, Flathead County


Phone: (406) 758-5553

SNAP Recipe of the Month

January Harvest of the Month is Carrots

Roasting is a great way to unlock vegetable’s natural sweetness both inside and out! Experiment at home by serving carrots two ways- raw and roasted. Figure out as a family which tastes more sweet by taking at least one tasting bite of each. Use other describing words to compare the color, texture and other flavors of the two. Which carrot is the favorite in your home?


1 cup fresh vegetables per person (choose one vegetable or a mix of several – see list below)

1⁄2 teaspoon vegetable oil (per cup of vegetables)

sprinkle of salt and pepper


  1. Wash vegetables, peel if desired, and cut into similar sized pieces. Smaller pieces (about 1/2 inch thickness) brown more and cook more quickly. Long thin pieces (asparagus or beans) can be left whole.
  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  3. Prepare a baking sheet that will hold the vegetables in a single layer. A metal baking sheet without sides allows more browning. A covering of foil will make cleanup easy.
  4. Toss the vegetable pieces with just enough oil to make them shine.
  5. Spread the vegetables on the baking sheet in a single layer.
  6. Roast until tender and slightly browned on the edges. Baking time will depend on the thickness of the pieces. Thin pieces (asparagus or beans) may take 5 minutes; pieces about 1/2 inch thick take about 15 minutes.
  7. Stir or turn about halfway through the roasting to obtain more even browning.
  8. Remove to a serving dish and sprinkle lightly with salt or seasoning of your choice.
  9. Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours.

Roasted Vegetables

By  FoodHero.org

Source: https://www.foodhero.org/recipes/roasted-vegetables

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education enables young families, single recipients and seniors to learn how to best use their food stamp dollars in providing healthy nutrition for  themselves and their families. Adults can sign up for a 6 week course that is fun and provide the basic concepts of good nutrition. The only requirements to join in the classes are: that a person is receiving WIC assistance;  either receiving food stamps or are eligible to receive them; or are getting commodity foods. Please call Caitlin at the Flathead County Extension office at 758-2448 to sign-up for classes.

MSU Extension—Flathead County

Patricia McGlynn

Agriculture, Natural Resource & Community Development Extension Agent


4-H & Youth Development Agent

Dee Cooper

Office Administrator

Caitlin Coghlan

Nutrition Educator


1108 South Main Street Ste. 4

Kalispell,  MT 59901

Phone: (406) 758-5553

Fax: (406) 758-5881


Web: http://flathead.msuextension.org

Calendar:  http://flathead.msuextension.org/calendar.html

Find us on Facebook at Flathead4H

State Web Sites:



Office Hours

Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-4:30pm,

Closed 1-2pm for lunch

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