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Printable version of the Flathead County August 2022 Newsletter (PDF)

MSU Extension Flathead County Newsletter August 2022

Upcoming Extension Meetings and Special Events for August

Forums, Committees & Councils

· Flathead 4-H Council: Thursday, Sept 22nd 6pm Fairgrounds 4-H Building

· Flathead 4-H Foundation: Thursday, Aug 4th 6:00pm 4-H Building

· Ag/Livestock Committee: Thursday, Sept 1st at 5:45 pm  4-H Building

· Horse Committee: Thursday, Sept 29th at 6:00pm Country Kitchen

· Beef Committee: TBA

· Hog Committee: TBA

· Sheep Committee: TBA

· Goat Committee: TBA

· Awards Committee: TBA

Upcoming Activities & Other Meetings

🍀 Aug 1, Drug Withdrawal & Commitment to Excellence Forms due to Extension Office

🍀 Aug 1, Market Animal Records Check-off due

🍀 Aug 1, Registration for Fair deadline 4:30pm

🍀 Aug 2, Sheep Showmanship Practice 7pm Fairgrounds

🍀 Aug 9, Sheep Showmanship Practice 7pm Fairgrounds

🍀 Aug 10, Extension Office Closed 12:30-3:30pm for monthly Safety meeting

🍀 Aug 13, Fair Horse Show (refer to Fair Book for other shows)

🍀 Aug 14, Market Fair Vet Check

🍀 Aug 15, Market Fair Weigh-in

🍀 Aug 16, Fair Beef & Sheep Show

🍀 Aug 17, Fair Swine Show

🍀 Aug 19, Fair Round Robin

🍀 Aug 20, Fair Market Sale

🍀 Sept 5, Extension Office Closed

🍀 Sept 13, 4-H Awards Banquet

🍀 Sept 14, Extension Office Closed 12:30-3:30 for monthly safety meeting

🍀 Sept 15, 4-H Enrollment roll-over

🍀 Sept 17, Cloverbud Meeting 10am Sykes Basement

🍀 Sept 30, 4-H Record Sheet completion due to 4-H Leaders

🍀 Oct 1, New 4-H Year Enrollment begins

🍀 Oct 10, Extension Office Closed

🍀 Oct 12, Extension Office Closed 12:30-3:30pm for monthly Safety meeting

🍀 Oct 31, Deadline Club Year End Financial Summary Reports

🍀 Nov 1, Market Beef Enrollment Deadline

Table of Contents

Page 2—From MSU Extension Office

Page 3-—Club Reporter Monthly Feature Story

Page 4—Flathead 4-H Foundation Notes

Page 5-6—Camp

Page 7—State Events

Page 8-10—County Events

Page 11—Project Information

Page 12—Market Project Information

Page 13-14—Miscellaneous Information

Page 15—SNAP Recipe


Flathead 4-H Members and Volunteers,


Good afternoon, I hope this August newsletter finds you and your families doing well.  As we approach the Northwest Montana (NW MT) Fair in approximately two weeks, I’m incredibly impressed by the amazing work our volunteer leaders and members are doing to prepare themselves and their animals.  It has been most encouraging to see the high level of Flathead 4-H participation in recent clinics, in addition to the Montana Royal.  Also, the Sheep Committee will offer two clinics during each of the next weeks (August 2nd and 9th).  As I mentioned last night at the 4-H Council meeting, please commit yourselves during these last two weeks to prepare yourself and your animals for fair.  Please contact your club / org leaders and your respective barn superintendents with any questions or concerns. 


Fair can be a highly emotional time for all of us, especially as we face things outside of our control such as the weather or a judge’s decision we don’t agree with.  Please remember that 4-H projects are ultimately focused on developing life skills for our youth.  Regardless of our profession, gracefully dealing with adversity is a valuable attribute.  Adult volunteers and parents are expected to be positive role models at all times and the 4-H Code of Conduct requires all members to demonstrate respect and sportsmanship.  If an issue arises at the NW MT Fair, please immediately inform your club / org leaders and your respective barn superintendents.  If the matter needs to be elevated to the county level, the org leaders and / or superintendents will inform me.  During my time in the military, I repeatedly saw that bad news does not get better with time.  Let’s all be proactive in ensuring this year’s fair is a positive, learning experience for everyone.


Last week a dedicated group of youth counselors, adult volunteers and 4-H members ranging from Cloverbuds to teens participated in the Flathead 4-H 2022 Day Camp.  The campers enjoyed roping, horseshoes, cornhole, canoeing, swimming, log rolling, making paracord bracelets and keychains, and many other activities.  The camp food was outstanding and the week concluded with a campfire and 4-H dance.  Thank you to all who contributed their time and resources to make this year’s day camp a success.  We were honored to host County Commissioner Brad Abell, County Administrator Pete Melnick, and the Fairgrounds Manager Sam Nunnally on Friday afternoon for lunch and to watch our Camp Olympics on the lake.  Please see the great camp photos on page 6. 


I look forward to meeting many of the Flathead 4-H members and their families at the NW MT Fair.  Please seek me out if you’d like to chat about how we can improve our outstanding organization. 


After the NW MT Fair, we’re looking forward to the September 13th 4-H Awards banquet and the October 8th 4-H Day celebration. 


Please feel free to contact me directly at Richard.balestri@montana.edu




Rick Balestri

MSU 4-H Extension Agent


Greetings 4-H family,


Hello from the Dandy Dudes and Dolls!


It's almost fair time!!  We went over old business and new business at our July meeting!


Laila Sargent, Jubilee McLean, and Jayne McLean did a sheep presentation together and they showed a sheep!  We all went outside and the girls showed us what they've learned this year raising sheep!


Sawyer Kauffman made a bubblegum machine with a wood base and it was the coolest thing!  We all were excited to get a gumball out of it!


Our president Sam McLean is leaving for boot camp! We wish him the best of luck on this new path in his life!


We are all very busy getting all our fair projects finished.


Good luck everyone,

Emily Benson

Club reporter


Half-moon Highlanders 4-H Meeting On July 18 the Half-Moon Highlanders 4-H club met for our meeting at the Columbia Falls Jr. High garden. There we did community service with Land to Hand MT. We weeded the garden and moved bark chips. After we had our meeting and then had a picnic style potluck to end the night. Land to Hand MT was very thankful that we came to do our community service with them.

Attention 4-H Club Reporters!!


What is a 4-H Club Reporter? Do you know what a news reporter is for the newspaper or for the TV news? A 4-H Club Reporters is the same thing except they report what is going on in their 4-H Club. Do you have a story you would like to feature in the Extension newsletter? We are going to feature a different club each month so get your keyboards ready and keep your ears and eyes open for some fabulous news to share with the Extension community. Email your story to dacooper@flathead.mt.gov. We can’t wait to see what is going on in your 4-H Club!

Flathead 4-H Foundation Cookbooks!


The Flathead 4-H Foundation has cookbooks for sale. The cost is $10 per book and the club keeps $8 and $2 comes back to the Flathead 4-H Foundation. Check out cookbooks from the Extension Office. Call in advance if you are wanting a large amount of cookbooks.

Flathead 4-H Foundation Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients!


Congratulations to Wyatt Hewitt and Hannah Boll as the first recipients of the $500 Flathead 4-H Foundation Continuing Education Scholarships.  The Flathead 4-H Foundation offered four $500 scholarships this year and we had two applicants. The sales of the raffle tickets each summer fund this process so thank you all that sell.



             The Flathead 4-H Foundation Fundraising committee is asking each 4-H member and leader to help with the 3rd annual fundraiser for Flathead County 4-H Foundation.  The Flathead 4-H Foundation was formed in 1964 so that we could accept the gift of 14+ acres on Loon Lake in Ferndale, MT--the Darrell Fenner Loon Lake 4-H Camp.  All members, leaders and anyone else that is interested in our program are a part of the Foundation.  The money earned from this fundraiser will help with repairs and upkeep of the camp, trainings and activities for leaders and members, scholarships to graduating high school members and other financial needs that arise during the 4-H year. 

             We need everyone’s help to make this years fundraiser successful.  If every member and leader in Flathead County would sell just 10 tickets at $5 each we would earn $30,000 to help meet these financial goals. 

             Because the prizes these tickets literally sell themselves!!  As in the previous two years there will be incentives for the top ticket sellers--monetary awards for the youth and 5% of total ticket sales to each club.

The committee is asking that each club assign a designated leader to take charge of handing out and collecting the tickets and monies, and  distribute tickets as soon as possible to all members.     PLEASE DO NOT UNSTAPLE THE TICKET STUBS—we need to account for all tickets at the end of the raffle—those that were sold as well as those not sold—it becomes very time consuming if the committee has to find all the tickets from each book and put the books back together to account for them.

             All tickets and money need to be returned to the committee by August 1st, 2022

             If you need more tickets or need to return unsold tickets so someone else may try to sell them. Please call Lesley Hawbaker at (406)885-6812, Carol Olson-Erickson at (406) 261-7456 or Sandy Evenson at (406)249-5423 with questions or if you need more tickets.

Big Thank You for New Entrance Gate at the Darrell Fenner Loon Lake 4-H Camp!


A year ago when we started rebuilding our camp, Mike Twillmann had a vision to bring new life to the entry way for our amazing camp.  Huge shout out to Mike  for the gates, fencing and refurbishing our historic sign!!! Thank you so much James Stupak of Wild Montana Wood for the amazing logs for the entry way!! Thank-you to the McIntyre family and Bryan Erickson for peeling the logs, Lesley Hawbaker and Carol for staining them, Bruce Berglund and the Erickson boys for helping Mike and Bryan set and construct everything we are ready for the summer!

4-H Camp

Day Camp 2022 was a huge success!  Thanks to all the amazing adult volunteers and counselors who invested so much time and energy making Day Camp the great week that it was. The days were so well planned out, with games, in the water and out, canoe races and log rolling, fun crafts, lawn games, and the very best people in the county to do them with.  A special shout out to Diego Biggerstaff, who designed the 2022 camp t-shirts and to Carol Olson-Erickson and Tiffany Balestri who helped us tie dye them- they turned out great!  We’re already looking forward to next year!!


Montana State Congress

All of us who went to State Congress would like to thank the Council for the scholarships to go to Bozeman to represent Flathead County.  We really had a great time and learned a lot- there was a lot to learn, from how ruminants digest food to self-defense.  Competition was tough, but we received great feedback to prepare us for next time.  We also worked on several service projects and went to a dance.  We really want to thank our chaperones, Susan Plummer and Sarah Hall- it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you!  - Rachelle Becker, Patience Bain, Mirrer Bain, Cainen Erickson, Taften Erickson, Madysen Hall, Isaiah McLean, Jubilee McLean

2022 4-H Week Display Contest

National 4-H Week, October 2nd-8th

Judging will be completed on the 8th.

Awards provided by the Flathead 4-H Council.

Theme is  Oppurtonity4All

Goal: Set up displays across Flathead County showcasing Flathead 4-H. These can be window displays, booths at businesses or whatever you can think of that allows us to show the community 4-H.

Contact the Extension office with the location of your clubs display, please make sure your display is up until the evening of the 8th.  The Extension office will have a scoring rubric if you wish to view that also.  We will be announcing the winners at the Flathead 4-H Day,  October 8th, Noon at the Fairgrounds, Commemorative Path.

Pie Eating Contest

The Ambassadors would like to announce the second annual pie-eating contest, which will take place in the large livestock barn on Thursday at 4pm.  There will be prizes for each age group- bring your friends and come see who’s the fastest pie-eater in your age group!


The Ambassadors had a great turnout for our car wash fundraiser earlier this month. It was a beautiful day and lots of cars (and trucks!) showed up for a wash.  The outpouring of support was phenomenal.  We had two people give us $100 bills and one woman even came back to bring us several huge bags of rags from her business!  It was neat to see folks standing around visiting while they waited for their cars to be done- many wanted to share memories of their own time in 4-H.  Our goal was to surpass the money we made at our 2020 car wash, and we made five times that amount.  We’re excited to be able to put the money towards the the balance of the air hockey table at the camp and future county events, including the Fair dance and Battle of the Barns!


Cloverbud Activity Days!!!


Saturday September 17th located at the Sykes Diner Basement (202 2nd Ave. W., Kalispell) at 10 am to 11 am. Please don’t park in the parking lot, park on the side streets.

For questions or more information, please call Jayme Evenson at 291-5864.


Free Lunch for Anyone 18 and Younger!!!

Due to USDA Waivers expiring, lunches must be eaten on site.

Look for the Red Truck @ West End of Logan Fitness Center Parking Lot M-F 11:00-1:00

Woodland Park Camp M-Thur 11:30-12:30

June 20-Aug 19 No service 7/4

Mobile Meals-Times and Locations


Truck 1 (Blue Truck)

Hawthorne Park                        Hawthorne Ave                         June 16-Aug 20            11-11:15           Brkfst & Lunch

Empire Estates                          Off 3 Mile on Empire Loop       June 16-Aug 20            11:25-11:40      Brkfst & Lunch

Northridge Park                        Northridge Drive                       June 16-Aug 20            11:50-12:05      Brkfst & Lunch

Lawrence Park                            1105 N Main St                         June 16-Aug 20            12:15-12:30      Brkfst & Lunch

Washington Park                       Washington St                            June 16-Aug 20            12:35-12:55      Brkfst & Lunch

Truck 2 (White Truck)

Evergreen Jr High                      20 W Evergreen Dr                    June 16-Aug 20            11-11:15           Brkfst & Lunch

Hedges Elementary                   827 4th Ave E                            June 16-Aug 20            11:25-11:40      Brkfst & Lunch

Begg Park                                   57 Begg Park Dr                         June 16-Aug 20            11:50-12:05      Brkfst & Lunch

Elrod Elementrary                     412 3rd Ave W                           June 16-Aug 20            12:15-12:30      Brkfst & Lunch

Peterson Elementary                Meridian Park                             June 16-Aug 20            12:35-12:55      Brkfst & Lunch

Truck 3 (Red Truck)

                                                    West end of Logan Fitness Center—11:00—1:00 M-F

Save the Date!

Flathead 4-H Day—October 8th, Activities from 9am-2pm

Celebrate and share 4-H. Something for everyone, come for part or all day.

Workshops, New Family Orientation, Project Fair, Guest Speaker, Commemorative Path Brick placing and celebration, Foundation meeting.  4H week display winners announced.  Lunch provided by the Flathead 4H Foundation.


If you would like to assist with a workshop or display a project at the project fair, please contact the Extension office.



Morgan Baker is going to be doing a senior spotlight for the graduating seniors. Morgan needs the graduating seniors to send in a senior picture (or activity picture) and then there are four questions that she would like the seniors to answer:


1. How long have you been in 4H?

2. What is your favorite 4H project?

3. What is your best 4H memory?

4. What are you planning on doing after graduation?


Contact Morgan at morganleeb4024@gmail.com with your senior blurbs and your senior photos.


2022 Graduating Seniors


Kirsten Benson, Dandy Dudes & Dolls                          Hannah Boll, Grandview Supreme

Cody Carson, Rocky Mtn Blue Ribbon                          Tyler Durbin, Flathead Shooting Sports

Faith Eberhart, Dandy Dudes & Dolls                            Cainen Erickson, Grandview Supreme

Kiaunna Green, Grandview Supreme                            Wyatt Hewitt, Grandview Supreme

Isabell Johnson, Trail Blazers                                          Joseph Karboski, B&F Livestock

Sam McLean, Dandy Dudes & Dolls                               Reese McQuade, Grandview Supreme

Anna Morrison, Rocky Mtn Blue Ribbon                      Ellena May Schultz, Flathead Shooting Sports

Judah Westphal, 4-H Trail & Packing Club

Fair Dance Notice!

The Fair Dance, which is *only* for 4-H and FFA members, will be held after the rodeo on Saturday night in the large livestock barn.   It will be a great time to relax, enjoy your friends, and learn a few new dances after the long Fair week, as well as a pick-me-up after the auction.  There will be a Jitterbug competition this year so don’t miss it! 


The Battle of the Barns, a time-honored Fair tradition, will take place on Friday at 2pm in the side yard of the large livestock barn.  Look for sign-up sheets in the barn and find your team of 4.  Come and defend your barn!


Goat Committee!



Please sign up for Remind

This year we are using Remind to send updates about important fair information.

To sign up for Flathead County 4H Goat Committee notifications, please visit


On July 19 the goat committee put on a Fair Prep Clinic. We all met at the fair grounds and brought our goats. We practiced shaving and grooming and then we talked about what to bring to fair for their goats. We also practiced and went over showmanship things and practiced with our goats. We had a good turn out . We are all looking forward to fair and working very hard to prepare for it as well.

Dog Classes

Monday Showmanship

Tuesday Obedience

7pm Weekly through August 8th & 9th

605 Farm View Lane, Kalispell

4-H Shotgun Project!

Must be 4-H age 9 years old and demonstrate appropriate safety to participate. New shooters through advanced welcome. More information go to https://flathead.msuextension.org/fcss.html.


Limited number of shotguns to loan, youth may bring their own shotguns (12 ga & 20 ga only) and requires inspection, ear plugs are provided (may bring your own though no muff-type allowed), members are responsible to provide own eye protection however are available for purchase through program. Ammunition provided through program. 

Location: Flathead Valley Trap Club

                    1290 Prairie View Drive

                    Kalispell, MT  59901

Reminder from the AG Livestock Committee:


It’s against AG policy to personalize the Market Sale Flyer when inviting byers to the Market Sale. Invite byers to the Market Sale, just don’t ask them to buy your animal.


Interested in learning to judge livestock?

Flathead 4-H Foundation has purchased a membership to livestockjudging.com for Flathead 4-H members. Learn from professionals with 524 classes of livestock, horse, dairy, poultry, rabbit, and meats. Contests and competitions are occasionally also available.

Step 1

Go to livestockjudging.com

Click "sign up" 

To create an account if they don't have one.

Step 2

Log into http://www.livestockjudging.com/code

Enter this CODE ....3epk


This will now take you to your account which will now say Elite Account at the top. 


Announcing the 4-H Awards Banquet!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

5:30 pm at the Expo Building on the Fairgrounds


Plan to bring a few pot luck items and your entire family, and join fellow club members and volunteer leaders in support of all those who will be receiving awards.

Volunteer Leader Resources

Learning Lab Kits Available for Leaders to Check-out as a Teaching Resources

Beef, Dairy, Dog, Horse, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, Rabbit, Goat, and Plant Identification!

Please contact the Extension Office at 758-5553 or dacooper@flathead.mt.gov.


Need 4-H Project Manuals and you can’t get to the Extension Office? No worries, go to https://store.msuextension.org/  and search for the 4-H project manuals you need, select them, go to the check out, then use your credit card or debit card, then finish your purchase, and have them shipped right to your door. It’s that easy!




The Office Administrator goes to lunch every day from 1-2pm, many times the Extension office door is locked during that time. She also has occasional meetings and errand for the county. If you need special accommodations or a guaranteed meeting with someone, please feel free to call ahead and make an appointment.


Just a gentle reminder…

If the Extension Office doesn’t have a club meeting or event on written record in the office the meeting or event will not be covered under the 4-H insurance. Please let the Extension office know the date, time, location, what the event is, or if it is a meeting before the 4-H event, meeting, or activity.  You can use the Event, Activity and Fundraising Form if you like so you don’t forget anything or you can send the Extension office an email. If your group is doing a fundraiser, of any type, you must submit a Fundraiser Form to the Extension office to be put in your club file.  We often get questions from community members about various fundraisers. 


Browse the new Montana 4-H merchandise at the MSU Extension Store and paint our state green with 4-H T-shirts, mugs, buttons, and stickers! Start shopping at the 4-H Mall!

Dear Flathead 4-H members, leaders & families:

The MSU Extension Flathead County Office will be closed September 5th for Labor Day. We may be periodically closed for meetings or to run errands. If you need to speak with us personally, please call for an appointment time. Please leave paperwork in basket or leave in mailbox on front of building for confidential information.  Our schedule is subject to change at anytime.

Patricia McGlynn

Montana State University

Agriculture Extension Agent


Phone: 406-758-5554

Rick Balestri

Montana State University

4-H Extension Agent


Phone: 406-758-5552

Dee Cooper

Office Administrator

MSU Extension, Flathead County


Phone: (406) 758-5553


SNAP Recipe of the Month

Easy Fruit Salad


Cost/Serving: $0.74
Yield: [4 servings] / Serving Size = 1 cup

2 apples, cut into chunks

1 (8-ounce) can pineapple chunks and juice

2 bananas, sliced

½ cup grapes, cut in half (optional)


1. In a large bowl combine apple, pineapple, and juice. 

2. Add bananas and grapes.  Stir well. Serve immediately.


Use a variety of seasonal fruits instead of canned.

If using canned fruit, look for those canned in water or 100% juice.

Any salad with sliced banana needs an acidic juice like that of pineapple or oranges to prevent browning

Recipe: https://iframe.msuextension.org/NEP/default.cfm?getid=70


Chokecherries are a shrub-like member of the cherry family that are native to Montana most of the United States and Canada. Native Americans have traditionally eaten the fruit and used other parts of the plant for medicinal uses. Crushed chokecherries are one of the ingredients in pemmican, a traditional food that also includes dried game meat, bone marrow, or lard. This high energy food can be stored to be eaten later, such as during the winter. Chokecherries can also be used to make jelly, syrups, and sauces! Cherries are this month’s #MTHarvestoftheMonth. Learn more at: https://bit.ly/2LPjVSz

MSU Extension—Flathead County

Patricia McGlynn

Agriculture, Natural Resource & Community Development Extension Agent

Rick Balestri

4-H & Youth Development Agent

Dee Cooper

Office Administrator


1108 South Main Street Ste. 4

Kalispell,  MT 59901

Phone:   (406) 758-5553

Fax:         (406) 758-5881

Email:     extension@flathead.mt.gov

Web:      http://flathead.msuextension.org

Calendar: http://flathead.msuextension.org/calendar.html

Find us on Facebook at Flathead4H

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Office Hours

Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-4:30pm,

Closed 1-2pm for lunch

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Montana State University and the Montana State University Extension prohibit discrimination in all of their programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status. Issued in furtherance of cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture,  Cody Stone, Director of Extension, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717